10:00 AM Sunday Service Livestream


We teach the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible! Come and learn directly from the Lord as we go verse by verse, chapter by chapter through the Word of God.

We believe that praise and worship are an active, dynamic, integral link between God and His people. We seek to serve Him humbly in a spirit of excellence through music and to lead others into His presence so that we glorify God as one body with one voice through one Spirit.


Currently meeting online or outdoors at the Kayser Farm for Sunday Services at 10AM. We are also offering a Men’s Prayer meeting, a Ladies Prayer meeting & more.

Sunday Series: Judges

Judges Bible Study
Come and learn The Bible as we read through and study the Book of Judges. This Old Testament book tells how the Israelites kept rejecting the Lord and worshiping idols. Each time they did this, the Lord punished them by letting other nations attack and defeat them. As a result, the Israelites turned back to the Lord and asked for His help, and He sent a special leader called a “judge,” who helped them defeat their enemies. A time of peace followed, and the Israelites were faithful to the Lord for as long as the judge lived. But then they again rejected the Lord. All these things happened time after time. Tune in to find out how the story ends!

Mid-week: 7:00 PM Wednesday Bible Study Livestream

See the Livestream Video below which will be live on Wednesdays for our 7PM Mid-Week Bible Study:

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Teaching God’s Word verse by verse.